Birthday Haul

You may or may not be aware that on the 12th of this month it was my Birthday, I turned 19 and you can read about what I got up to here

Of course I got a selection of lovely presents and couldn't resist sharing some of them with you, I'd also like to share that I'm writing this post on the night of my birthday, how organised of me!

There's obviously a large range of what I got, from beauty to bedroom accessories, I was also given other gifts such as leggings, a H&M gift voucher and more lovely presents, but I selected some of the main presents I felt were worth sharing.

The Tony and Guy Reverse Conical Wand is my main birthday present as it's something I asked for, I'm tired of using straighteners to curl my hair, especially now I'm getting more into styling my hair so I hope these are as good as people say, if you have them let me know what you think!

I'd also like to mention that I received ten bottles of Dove Dry Shampoo. If you're wondering why, then the answer comes with some interesting news.. Boots have put them in their clearance! They're currently just over £1, luckily my Mum knew best to get me plenty which means she's saved nearly £40 by purchasing ten, so if you have a Boots store near you I'd go have a look as they're not reduced online.

I'm sorry if you hoped for me to link each of these items, but as they're gifts it's hard to know where some of them were from, if there's a specific item you'd like to find out more about just leave a comment and I'll reply with what I know :)

Trend: Crop Tops

It was a bit hard to pick a trend to focus on for this post but I could tell crop tops were extremely popular with many fashion retailers, in fact the choice of items was so huge I decided to do this post a little differently to my other trend posts and instead choose a few shops and do the items separately as you'll see below!

Topshop was the first retail site I visited, in fact it's the one that made me change how I did this post as there was so much choice, I somehow stopped myself at five choices though!

Palm Frill Crop Top - Find it here
This really caught my eye on the website, probably due to the shape and colours. It's got such a lovely print which I think is perfect for a hot holiday, paired with a pair of denim shorts or a white skirt.

Pink Scallop Crop Vest - Find it here
I had to include this top as it's classic and popular crop vest that most girls own, I'm not surprised as it's comfy, pretty and there's so many options for how it can be worn.

Gingham Peplum Bralet - Find it here
This bralet really stood out to me, probably cause I love checkered prints and it's quite a unique style for a crop, they even have a skirt to match which does look rather cute.

Sporty Rib Crop Tee - Find it here
Crop tees are probably my personal favourite when it comes to crop tops as they're so comfy and casual and you can get some great prints, they also suit a lot of figures due to the high neck and short sleeves.

White Textured Bardot Bandeau Top - Find it here
My last choice from Topshop is this adorable bandeau top. It's such a simple design which I think works well with patterned bottoms, or easily worked with patterns to keep it girly.

River Island

Pink Ombre Unicorn Print Croppeed T-Shirt - Find it here
I said crop tees are my favourite and I knew River Island would be home to some gorgeous ones. This one is perfect for the summer with it's pastel shades. I can imagine this being very popular!

Purple Double Layer Cami Crop Top - Find it here
Of course I had to include a cami crop top, but this one is a little different due it's double layers, it makes it a bit more fun. I would say this top is more for dressing up than dressing down, but is still something that could be worn with a pair of jeans and a cute necklace.

Yellow Daisy Print Racer Front Crop Top - Find it here
Lastly from River Island I picked up this top that screams summer! These racer crop tops are extremely popular especially in bold prints like this one. If you're brave enough to wear yellow then this would be a great buy.

Miss Selfridge

Miami Bra Top - Find it here
I seem to love a palm tree print which is probably why this top stood out to me the most especially as the colours are some of my favourites. It's extremely summer and the perfect top to wear to a hot beach in the USA, or if you can't get to the USA you can just pretend, I won't tell.

Floral 90s Crop - Find it here
The pattern on this top slightly reminds me of a pair of curtains but somehow I find it rather pretty. I think the colours work really well together without it looking too over the top.

Bardot Top - Find it here
I honestly could not resist adding this top in just because it makes me think of the film Grease which is one of my favourites! I'm not sure many people could pull this style top off but it's still a hit for me.

Printed Floral Bra Top - Find it here
Last but not least is a second yellow number, this one is a bit more bright but somehow that makes it more attractive. If you're confident you can mix it with other bold colours and patterns, or if you're a little less confident it can easily be toned down with a simple denim jacket.

Don't forget there are plenty of other shops such as New Look, ASOS, Zara, H&M and even more that do gorgeous crop tops I just didn't want this post to be bombarded!

Birthday Fun

If you're reading this on the day it's been posted, then it's my birthday and I thought I'd do a small post in regards to my day as it's current 8PM and I've been a busy bee visiting lots of my family and eating lots of cake, I've had a pub lunch, a  large pink cupcake as my birthday cake and my Dad even gifted me some pink roses.. in fact there was a lot of pink involved, I even wore a pink dress!

Photos taken with iPhone 5C, with Instagram or
I am going to be doing a simple Birthday Haul post in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out, there's a lot of beauty bits included 10 cans of Dove Dry Shampoo!

Dress- H&M
Earings- River Island
Bag- New Look

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June Favourites

It's the last day of June which means another monthly favourites is due! I have been busy buying new beauty products over the past couple of months which has led to a few new loves in my life. Of course I make sure I try out the product for a little while before writing about it on here though.

Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara
Find it here.
You may have seen the accidental purchase of the non waterproof version of this mascara appear back in my February favourites and four months later it's appearing here! It's clear I love this mascara as it's technically appeared twice in regards to favourites and it's clear why. 
This mascara does everything you want it do, it lengthens lashes and gives them volume without clumping or smudging and it's a drugstore product it can be found for under £10, bonus!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadow-  Permanent Taupe
Find it here.
I've seen plenty of cream eyeshadows become mentioned by bloggers but I've never hit that phase, instead I've stuck to classic powders until I noticed Sainsbury's selling two shades of these Mayebelline Tattoo versions for under £2 each, of course they made it home with me and I haven't looked back and the Taupe colour has become a product I use daily as it's very easy to wear.
It can be a little difficult to build up in colour but it's so creamy and blends in really well and dries quickly without changing in colour or cracking which is great. I also love using this as a base for powder shadows as the creamy texture works in a similar way to a primer.

Maybelline FIT Me Concelaer
Find it here.
I always look for a good drugstore concealer that has high coverage without caking, yet I have found it extremely difficult. I then saw a few beauty bloggers recommend this FIT Me concealer with positive claims, so of course I decided to give it a try and I haven't looked back, though I am a little disappointed with the current colour range.

Hd Brows Angled Brow Brush
Find it here.
Last but not least in my June favourites is a very new product indeed, an angled eyebrow brush that I bought out of nowhere and haven't looked back since. Brows have become so important in any look as they define the face and can even show the type of person you are, yet I hadn't managed to master the art of filling in my brows after using a HD Brows palette for months. Long story short this brush has been perfect, the angle makes it easy to create a precise shape and blend in the product.

I'd love to know your June favourites so why not comment them?!

June Snaps

It's the end of June so of course it's time for the monthly snaps post. Throughout June I have taken many Instagram pictures which makes this post look much better.

June has been a really nice month, my boyfriend got his car fixed which has meant quite a few trips to different places including shopping trips, summer walks and late night drives by the sea. I've also been doing the boring stuff like re-organising my room and re-designing my room. At the beginning of month there was also my Mum's 51st birthday where I baked some yummy cake pops (recipe here).

I must admit I haven't done many blog posts this month, but now I have a new laptop screen and more time to spend at home I shall be busy writing away and I may even be having some guest bloggers featuring on my posts (If you want to try being a guest blogger, get involved here) so look forward to having a variety of posts in July!

Have a happy July.

An Image I Love #6

We're now half way through this year's Image I love posts, 2014 has gone so quick! I'm glad I've been able to find a variety of images for these posts and I'm even happier that many of you have been enjoying finding out what images I've loved and the meaning behind them. 

Source Unknown.
I wouldn't normally choose a common quote when hunting down the perfect image for these posts, but this colourful design really stood out to me, it made the quote itself seem a lot more interesting even though my eyes have come across it a few too many times.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Be unique, stop worrying about looking and being like other people. Don't live to be like someone else because you think they're prettier than you, skinnier than you, funnier than you.. just be the person you were born to be because I'm pretty sure you weren't born into the world to be the same as anyone else.

That person you're trying to be like may be trying to be like you. You want that girls petite body, well she'd kill to have your curves, and that blonde girl with gorgeous waves you'd love to have, she'd love to have your auburn locks. It always works both ways, not many people are happy with who they are so you need to just accept yourself, spot the positive differences when you compare yourself to others rather than the negatives.

Just be you.

Review: Lush Secret Garden

Like many girls I love Lush bath bombs, though I've only ever reviewed the Sex Bomb- which you can read here. So of course I thought it's about time I did another bath bomb review. You may have seen me talk about Secret Garden in this beauty haul or this wishlist, as I really wanted it and lucky me got around to purchasing it not long after, but for some reason I've only just got around to using the spring ball of goodness.

"Full of flowers and the scent of spring – this will create serene and tranquil bath that will bring you back to life. Gorilla perfumer Simon created this fragrance using rose, sweet wild orange and rosewood oil to create a floral, earthy and uplifting feel. The green part of this bomb is partly made using bubble bar mix, which means it fizzes slowly for a long relaxing bath under a green carpet of foam." - Source

The Secret Garden bomb is part of Lush's Mother's Day range, making it limited edition at £2.95 each which is 45p more than the price last year! This bomb is simple sphere shape coloured a gorgeous forest green with speckles of yellow and purple throughout and not forgetting the bubblegum pink flower design. You can tell by looking at this bomb it's going to be a girly yet fun spring bomb, which is exactly why I was eager to purchase it, and when I got my hands on it I immediately noted the gorgeous floral scent, which is to be expected due to half the ingredients include flower extract and scented oils.

Secret Garden was created with parts of bubble bar which means it was able to fizz away whilst creating different green and pink shades in the water, and to my surprise dried flowers started floating in my bath too, no wonder it's called Secret Garden. The bomb took around ten minutes to completely dissolve in the water where it then left it a grass green shade with a few bubbles an a handful of flowers floating away.

Overall it's probably one of my favourite bath bombs yet it's just a shame it's limited edition! It just looks lovely in and out of the bath tub with it's vibrant colours and of course smells amazing too, they've really got a good balance with the scent as it's not over powering yet strong enough to be noticeable. 

When Mother's Day comes around next year I would easily recommend to give this bath bomb a try!